Looking for Mainland

I work alone. A quiet workspace is great for channeling thoughts, ideas, getting stuff done without any distraction. But after eight years of solitude in this amniotic sac of a studio, there’s a desire to continue this creative journey with others. Staff, partners, collaborators; all are welcome and appreciated. A step in this direction was a recent storytelling event conducted by Sifu Productions, a Malaysian theatre company, who brought The Helpful Robot’s to life in their unique and lively way. ‘You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown’, a Broadway musical staged and promoted by the company, was another highlight as it brought together the Robot and Peanuts brand on store bookshelves (very awesome).

A feature in MPH’s Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations was a pleasant surprise, a reminder though that I am, still, a boat adrift at sea as far as my career is concerned. With my next project underway, an animated short of a futuristic-and-very-robotic-design, it’s time to look for mainland and find myself a crew. Or two.

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