New Year, New Skill

And we’re into 2017! Having blitzed through 2016 I’ve a feeling this year will go the same way. So here I am, on a mission, to upskill myself before 2018 comes knocking. In photography. Not the hardest thing to learn, I don’t believe, though the all-important artistic component is what invariably separates the rank amateurs from the pros. I’ve no aspirations to be the latter. What is important, I guess, is getting in there some self-growth. A cultivation of something you’ve wanted to try for the longest time but never bothered or had the guts to act on. An investment in one self. My camera, a Canon Powerpoint SX510 HS, whilst not top of the line did cost me a pretty penny. I’ve taken plenty of shots with it, most of them average. But there were some good ones, a few of which I’ve posted here. And as a creative widening my perspective and appreciation of this art can only lead to better things.

So go on, upskill yourself this new year. It’ll be worth it, I guarantee.

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